1. Do I need 3 phase supply if I have to buy AC for my house.


Split/Window AC�s work on single phase. However it is better to have 3 phase supply, because it help distributes various loads equally.


2. Do I have to necessarily buy a voltage stabilizer for my A/C


The compressor which is most critical component in the AC works between 190-240 v. If voltage in your area is less than this, it is recommended to have voltage stabilizer.


3. What is star rating in A/C


Provides customers with energy information to make purchase decision. Higher the star rating, higher the EER lesser the power consumption . In other words 5 stars A/C consumes less power than 3 stars.


4. What is an Inverter Air conditioner?


An Inverter Air conditioner delivers cool air by varying the frequency of the compressor, and regulates the refrigerant and achieves the derived temperature. Inverter A/C is more power efficient than ordinary A/Cs.


5. How do I select correct tonnage of A/C for my room size.


If the roof height of your room is approx. 10 feet 1 tonne A/C can cover up to 140 sq feet. Above 140 sq feet 1.5 tonne is recommended and above 180 sq feet2 tonne etc.